MLG Law Group is a California based law office specializing in real estate and foreclosure defense,
serving people and organizations in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa
Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

Legitimate & Dependable Representation with a Level of Service That Sets Us Apart.

As a fully-licensed Real Estate Law Firm, you can depend on us to provide you with the utmost in professional care and service. DON’T fall victim to scams promising results, only to end up mishandling your case. Having specialized in foreclosure defense for almost 15 years, you can certainly hold us to a higher standard!

We offer several options to avoid foreclosure depending on your situation. Please feel free to browse our site for informative options available and call us for a free consultation with an actual attorney to find out how we can help you with your individual case.

Aggressive Representation When You Need It Most

Real Solutions Leading to Real Results

At MLG Law Group, we provide every option available to help you achieve your goals. We provide you with all options specifically tailored to your own individual situation and give you realistic options to actually solve the problem at hand. Every single client is assigned an attorney who gives personalized attention and a thorough evaluation of the client’s individual circumstances. Our level of expertise will enable us to provide you with actual real solutions leading to real results.

As one of our clients here at MLG Law Group, you will have always have access to your attorney to provide guidance or to answer questions, evenings or weekends as well. We serve clients throughout all of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

MLG Law Group was founded by Alex Moussa, Esq. in 2005 with an emphasis on giving clients the representation they deserve and enabling our clients to shift focus to immediately improve their quality of life.​

At MLG Law Group, we strive to provide superior representation and customer service to all of our clients. By allowing us to efficiently handle your problems, you will have the opportunity to shift your focus and energy into improving other areas of your life, including work, marriage, relationships, etc… Stop putting yourself in situations that are destined to lead to failure and instead choose us to represent you and help you get rid of your problems NOW!


Foreclosure Prevention Options To Achieve Your Goals Are Available Now:

Client Reviews

I’m not sure what to add to all the glowing reviews of Alex that I already see here, other than to say that they’re spot on and more. Alex is not at all your average attorney… by that I mean he’s someone you can trust 100% to look after Your interests, focus on Your needs, and truly care about the outcome for Your family. He has immense patience, understands the complexity of the decisions that have to be made, and helps guide you through, holding your hand all the way. We’ve worked with other attorneys before and have never felt the level of comfort and trust that he earns so naturally. Are there other good attorneys out there? Sure. But to combine all of Alex’s experience with the level of personal support he offers is truly unique. We were very fortunate to work with him and highly recommend him to anyone.

Lydgen F

My sister and I are very pleased with Alex Moussa’s professionalism. He answered all our questions and was extremely prompt and very patient. Whenever we called him he called us right back. He is very caring and explained ALL the specific information very thoroughly. We highly recommend his services. We highly him for any legal matters.

Mary W

From the very start, Alex was very professional, courteous, punctual and precise. 100 % satisfaction. Was able to get me a loan modification quickly and with precision.

Melanie R

Alex Moussa was so professional and caring with our needs. He was always positive & pleasant when we would overload with questions. His quick answers and problem solving skills were really appreciated .  This day in age it is nice to get great customer service & follow thru. We can’t thank him enough, Job Well Done!!!

Anna K

I am super selective about writing reviews, BUT Alex was 100% professional and his follow up was amazing. I have absolute confidence in referring the MLG Law Group to anyone needing their assistance.


Alex Moussa handled our needs with upmost  care & professionalism. He returned all emails, texts, calls in a timely manner and I never felt like I was asking too many questions. I highly recommend him & trust him. Great job!!!


Very top quality and reliable service. Alex Moussa is amazing. Legal consultation informative. He responds to questions, concerns, and returns call and emails expeditiously. For example, requested letter of verification and received it witnin a few hours. He gets the job done. He fulfills his promise as discussed and follows through with EVERY detail. Would return to this law firm without hesitation. Look no further, Alex Moussa is top notch and very reliable. The best legal representation experience ever. Great service. Thanks Alex.

Rosalee H

My wife and I were in foreclosure with a sale date coming up. Alex, along with his extensive network of attorneys, were able to stop my foreclosure, buy us time, and allowed us to do a short sale on our home. We even got $10,000 relocation incentive to help relocate! Extremely knowledgeable and professional, I would highly recommend Alex to anyone in this situation.

Daniel Z

I used Alex this year as my attorney twice, for 2 properties I owned. Alex really made the process go pretty smooth from start to end. He will fight for you and is in your corner 100%. He makes sure you understand what’s going on every step of the way. He handled everything like a pro. If you are looking for an attorney he is the one.

Marissa C

Alex helped me with a short sale and was outstanding. He’s a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend him to anyone.

Ron H


We operate according to a set of commitments that ensure our clients success.

Inform you about your rights and the laws pertaining to your issue, and answer all of your questions and concerns to allow you to make an informed decision.

Work with you to help gather or create any and all documents needed for your loss mitigation submission.

Offer advice and counseling on the spot during your free initial consultation.

Assign an attorney to handle your matter and give you personalized customer service throughout the process. You will have a dedicated, single point of contact who will remain with you until your issues are fully resolved.

Transparency throughout the process and letting you know in advance what it will cost you, if anything at all, for the services we provide. No surprises!

Give you an honest assessment of every single option you will have to resolve your issue, without taking your cash first. We will let you know in advance which options you will qualify for and will not lead you down a path destined for failure.

Utilize our experience and legal knowledge to provide you with realistic solutions to achieve your objectives. Once you decide on a course of action, we will implement our resources to get the job done.